Distillerie Baron collects wine lees and grape marc

From these raw materials, we obtain marc alcohol, must deposit and lees, wine spirit, white grape seeds (polyphenols, oils), compost and calcium tartrate

Initially based in Saint-Christophe-la-Couperie in the Maine-et-Loire department, a new site without any size constraints was required when our premises became too small to accommodate the development of new operations.

Distillerie Baron found the ideal location: a three-hectare site in La Remaudière, a village in the canton of Loroux-Bottereau, in the Loire-Atlantique (44).

Grape marc is stored in protective hangars. Vats are used to store must deposit, lees and wine.

Eau de vie and alcohol are stored in stainless steel vats in secure premises.

Our industrial approach is that of a circular economy based on the maxim of Antoine Lavoisier.