Other products

Distillery products


Products obtained from distilled raw materials:
- grape marc (residue from grapes that have been pressed to extract the juice),
- must deposit (obtained from the initial clarification of wine before fermentation),
- lees (obtained from the clarification of wine after fermentation, heavy solids).

Industrial alcohol

Industrial alcohol is produced from grape marc, must deposit and wine lees. It is used to make fuel. Recognised as a next-generation product, it is 2BSvs certified for the production of biofuel.

Wine spirits

Products obtained from distilled raw materials: wine (from unapproved or surplus production).
These clear, high-quality eaux de vie are used in the production of brandy.

White grape seeds

Distillerie Baron collects white grape seeds that are a by-product of wine production in the Nantes vineyards, where Melon de Bourgogne, Chardonnay and Sauvignon varieties are grown. Rich in polyphenols (natural antioxidant), they are widely used in the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
They are also used to produce grapeseed oil.


Dedicated to protecting the environment, our operations do not generate any pollutants – quite the reverse! To paraphrase the chemist Lavoisier: 'nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed' – an idea that could be our motto! Indeed, being ideally located near the Nantes valley beside the river Loire where market gardening has been a thriving industry for generations means we have a ready market for our composts, which are produced at the end of the distillation and product treatment chain and used to enrich the soil in market garden holdings with a fertiliser that is both rich and complete: ideal for early-season vegetables grown throughout the Nantes region.

Production phases and the environment

As for liquid waste, in addition to being used on agricultural land, it also constitutes a source of nutrients for fodder crops.
Each transformation phase is thus part of a production process where requirements in respect of the environment are strictly adhered to.